Bomberman Download for Android APK – Latest Update

Are you looking for the Bomberman APK game? So, this is the right page for your wish. Bomberman is a game that changes your boring moments in the Fun and also it is an enjoyable game. In this game, you will see a Bomberman in this game and it also contains its opponents. And these opponents will block the way of the Bomberman. Then, Bomberman needs to bomb them to clear its way, and then it will clear its stages.

Bomberman APK

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If you really have an interest in gaming. Then you should read this article because here we are going to write the features and all the things about this fantastic game. After that, you will be able to learn to get all the information about this game. So, keep reading.

Bomberman APK:

The developer of this game is Hudson Soft and this game has 50 stages of friend mod apk. You need to collect more powerful troops to fight. If you have powerful troops then you can defeat your opponents. Moreover, these troops are also important if Bomberman wants to become more strong.

Another thing in this game is that you need to keep yourself safe from any bomb explosion of your opponents. And if unfortunately, any bomb hits you in the game then it will damage the power of Bomberman.

Bomberman games:-

As you know that, in this game, your opponent can hit you with a bomb explosion. And maybe, you lose your level with this bomb. But, don’t worry there is another option which will help you to come back in the game with a particular level. There are four buttons right, left, up, and down to control the game. And if you want to have full control of this game then you should use these buttons to play the game.


Bomberman APK

No doubt, that this game has 50+ levels and all the levels come with fantastic and eye-catching graphics. And these graphics are the main reason for the attraction of this game. If you will solve all the problematic and comfortable levels of this Bomberman APK then you will become the hero of this classic game.

Features of this Bomberman APK:-

Here we are going to discuss the best features of this game. We know that when a person searches for any type of game or another thing then he keeps his focus on the features of this game. And the main thing for the popularity of this game is its fantastic features. These features are given below in the list.

  • Graphics:-

Graphics are changed at each level. And all the graphics are very fantastic and awesome. And if you are a nature lover person then definitely, you will like these graphics. And this is the main feature for the popularity of this game.

  • Speed:-

In the Bomberman apk, you will not face any problem with the speed of the game. Because Bomberman apk has very high speed. And definitely, you will enjoy this game because of its speed and every person wants high speed in the game.

  • Levels:-

Well, there are 50+ levels in this game and all the levels are very complicated. So, when you play this game then you need to prepare yourself for the next level. And if you want to go to the next level then you need to clear the first level and you need more powerful health in the next level.

  • Root:-

In Bomberman apk, there is no need for root. So, you can play freely this game. You have no limit of root and this is the best option to keep yourself safe from the opponents.

  • Device hanging problem:-

As we know that, mostly game has some problems which can hang your device or make any problem in your mobile. So, don’t worry about that, because you will not face any problem with the hanging device in this game.

Version and Size of Bomberman APK:-

  1. The size of this game is 10.04MB.
  2. And the latest version is (V 13. 180. 09).
  3. The last update of Bomberman APK was held on 03 JAN 2021.

How to download and install this Bomberman apk?

The downloading method of the Bomberman APK is very easy. You can easily download it without any problem. The downloading method is listed below which will help you to download this game.


  1. First of all, you need to download the link which is given below.
  2. After few seconds, the file will be downloaded and then you need to go in the files of the mobile and then open the downloading option.
  3. Here, you need to allow your device for unknown resources in your mobile. 
  4. After that, the installation process will starts. And after few seconds, the game will successfully install on your device.
  5. Now, open the game start it, and then you can play it.


Every person is a game lover. They always find the best game which makes fun of them and also converts their time into enjoyable moments. And this game is perfect for these types of persons. It is also the best game for nature lovers because all the graphics of this game are very awesome and fantastic. And they can see various graphics on all levels.

Moreover, if you want to know more about this game. Then you should read this article because we have written all the important things about this game. Furthermore, if you want to know about the downloading method of this game then you can get the method in this article.

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