SMS Broadcast for ANDROID And IOS. Latest Version.

If you are looking for an SMS Broadcast Service which helps you to send your message to a large audience in some minutes? And you want to make a connection with your entire audience with the SMS. then in this regard, this app can help you. With the help of this SMS Broadcast, you can send bulk messages to thousand of your recipients. 

SMS Broadcast

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If you want to send your message later then you can make a schedule and send it later. And also you can broadcast your message free. If you want to send your message to a group of people then you can use a message broadcasting service.

Moreover, anyone can send messages to a lot of people within minutes through software. Furthermore, if you want to know more about this SMS Broadcast service then you should read this article.

SMS Broadcast

If you want to send a promotional message or any type of message then you can broadcast the SMS. You can send this message quickly to the entire audience in seconds. Moreover, it makes your work very easy. So, it will be proved that this is the best app to do very fast SMS.

App NameSMS Broadcast
App Size
2.2 Mb
Total Downloads 35,000+
Supported Version Android 3.06+
App Developer UK

SMS Broadcast Service:

If you don’t want to download this app and you want to do a prank with your friends and family members. Then you can this SMSBroadcast Service in this service you just need to add your number in the highlighted blank which is given below. And after that, you need to press the button of the bomb which is given below the blank.

 Australia Features

In Australia features, there are four main points that can explain all the features available in Australia. And if you want to know all the things about this then don’t skip the article because we are going to discuss the four points of SMS Broadcast Australia.

Schedule Your Broadcast:

If you want to save your message and you need this message later because you want to send it to your friend later. So, for this, you broadcast your message, and then you can send it later when you want to send it.

Fast and Easy:

This app is very easy to use. And a new person can learn it very easily and after that, they can use it without any problem. The boots of this app just need to keep the focus on this service in starting days. After that, they can use it without any problem.

Moreover, SMS is a very fast service. It delivers your SMS to the next person in a very short time. You just need to create the broadcast and then send it to your target. After that, you will the result of this application in seconds.

No issue of message Deliver:

You will not face any type of issue in service regarding the deliverability and receiving of the messages. But if you will send your messages through the Bulk Message then they will be delivered on time.

No fee:

The first 25 messages that you send through the Bulk messages are totally free. You have no need to pay any type of money to send the messages in Service. Moreover, you have no need to add your Credit Card to send the messages. But make sure that, you use the perfect software of this Service you can upgrade your plan. Because there are a lot of spammers in the market.

No Other Software required:

If you are using the SMS broadcast service then you have no need to subscribe or sign up for any other software. Because you have your own account on this software and you can send a lot of messages with this service. So, don’t worry about the other software because with this software you can add your own account.

SMS Broadcast Service:-

With this service, the method of sending more messages at a time becomes very easier. Moreover, you can get a review of these messages very easily. Because the using method of this service is very easy and more convenient. You just need to log in to your account in this software and then you can send messages.

You can send tons of messages to the targeted recipients with the help of this SMS Broadcast service in just a few seconds. No doubt, that it is a complete package for Marketing and Promotional use. So, you have no need for any type of other software service API. 


No doubt, that now you have a lot of knowledge. Now can use it because it is a very easier and convenient service. And it is totally free and you have no need to add a Credit card to this service.

Furthermore, if you are still confused about service. Then as friends, I will suggest that you should read this article because we have written our experience and all the information which know. So, it will be proved best for you.

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